The Best Ice-cream Places In Dubai

When you search for villas for sale in Dubai, you might want to know all the great ice-cream places near your new villa.

Ice cream will always be one of those things that brightens the day and makes you happy, no matter what the temperature is like. Often what you need is one scoop of ice cream to brighten up your day. You’ll be spoilt for choice in Dubai because this paradise of a city has every type of dessert spot possible – particularly ice cream. We’ve compiled a list of resources to assist you in searching for the best ice-creams in Dubai.

The majority of these ice cream brands in Dubai have several locations across the region, so if you find yourself craving a scoop of creamy delicacy, simply search for “ice cream in Dubai near me” and head over to your favourite place!



M’OISHÎ, the UAE’s first handmade mochi ice cream shop, expertly blends regional flavours with the Japanese treat’s trademark decadence. At this beautiful, luxurious Japanese confectionary, indulge in the delicious mix of ice cream and Japanese rice cake.

It is easily available in Dubai. City Walk, Dubai Opera House, Outlet Village, Mall of the Emirates, La Mer, Dubai Mall, Dubai Festival City, Dubai Galleria Mall, Nakheel Mall, and Financial Center are only a few of their locations in Dubai.

Ice Cream Lab

The Ice Cream Lab LLC in Dubai serves a variety of ice creams made with liquid nitrogen, a process perfected on the glamourous streets of Beverly Hills. Their menu features exclusive flavours created in a laboratory-style kitchen, depicts the famous Dubai ice cream parlour’s funky name. In addition, their ice cream is low in sugar and has no additives.


Scoopi, a cosy dessert cafe in Jumeirah, serves some of Dubai’s best ice creams, made with the freshest ingredients such as luscious Danish cream and French chocolate. Get ready to be wowed by tastes that will take your taste buds on a delicious ride.


Succharia, another famous ice cream shop in Dubai, serves organic ice cream made from grass-fed cow’s milk and quality products from around the globe. Their smooth ice cream comes in various flavours, including lemon and yoghurt, coffee, and cookies.


BouzetJeddo, with a sight of JLT’s stunning lakes, serves classic ice cream with a distinct home-made flavour. They’re a family-run dessert shop that specialises in regional flavours like raspberry, mulberry, and pomegranate, all of which are preservative-free!


The iScream menu is authentically Dubai! This ice cream shop has combined regional flavours like Tabbouleh and Emirati Coffee with international favourites like Curry and Wasabi to represent Dubai’s diverse climate. Each ice cream on their vast menu is a delicious and one-of-a-kind treat for your taste buds.

The Famous Turkish Ice-Cream

Turkish ice cream, or ‘Dondurma,’ is a common sweet among Dubai residents, distinguished from normal ice cream by its smooth, and chewy texture. The inclusion of the hidden component, Salep, or powdered orchids, is credited by famous Turkish ice cream shops in Dubai for the ice cream’s unusual quality.

If you’re up for a fight with creative ice cream places with a penchant for the dramatic, we’ve compiled a list of locations in Dubai where you can sample some of the best Turkish ice creams. They are as follows:

  • Maras Turka- City Walk
  • Amorino- Dubai Mall
  • Sultan Baba Iskender- Dubai Festival City Mall
  • Gunaydin- Souk Al Bahar
  • Mado- Multiple outlets
  • Global Village- Multiple kiosks

Frozen Yoghurt

For those of our health-conscious audiences out there who want to lower their sugar intake, frozen yoghurt, or ‘froyo,’ as some refer to it, is a great option. You have the luxury of making things easy or going all out with toppings like chocolate or fudge – the choice is yours. This sweet treat is available in many locations in Dubai at reasonable prices. Yogurberry,Pinkberry, Red Mango, The Yoghurt Lab are some others among them.

These are some of the finest places to fulfil your cravings for sweet beautifully. If you are searching for the best apartments for sale in Dubai, these amazing delicacies add another reason you must live in Dubai. Move to Dubai and try out all of these!

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