Where to buy souvenirs in Dubai?


Since one can buy any type of house in Dubai, so be it City Walk apartments for sale in Dubai, regular bungalows or modest apartments you can get everything here. In addition to various residential options, what makes Dubai a dream place to live is the fact that it offers everything one can imagine shopping. Therefore, for shopping fanatics, no place on earth can come parallel to Dubai.


Apart from permanent residents, there is a great number of people who visit Dubai just for shopping purposes. In this city, people like to buy all kinds of things, including, bags, makeup, clothes, decors etc. However, something that people almost detest purchase are souvenirs. Despite wanting to take the souvenirs from this magical city back to their home, people would refrain from buying them. That is because they think souvenirs are nothing but overpriced trinkets.


This is almost heartbreaking because souvenirs are tangible items that are the ideal representation of any culture or place. Souvenirs are also a great way to give oneself the jolt of nostalgia after you have moved away from a place.


This blog aims to describe where you can get great souvenirs in Dubai that are also light on our wallet.




  1. Al Karama Market

This is one of the most popular souvenir shops in Dubai and although it lies right at the centre of the city, it chiefly leans towards the Indian neighbourhood. Since it is also 10 minutes drive from Dubai Creek, almost every taxi driver in the city can take you here in no time.

Since Al Karama is open from noon till very late at night, you can visit the market at any time of the day. Although initially, you might find that shopkeepers here are selling you souvenirs at an equally high price, you would be surprised to find how open to bargaining they are.  So if you want to get souvenirs from Dubai at the most competitive rates, this market is the way to go.


The souvenirs here include statues of Burj al Arab and miniature art of Burj Khalifa. Furthermore, there are also amazing Russian doll stackings of sheikhs and sheikha along with traditional table cloth and decorative cushions. For people who like their souvenirs to be a bit dramatic, the Al Karama market has a variety of genie lamps to offer. Other than that, you can also find fancy hookahs and pashmina shawls to decorate your guest or dining rooms back at home.


People also like to buy crockery as souvenirs, you can find unique coffee pots and coffee cups in this market. Moroccan lamps and traditional ornaments can also be bought from here and the camel decoration is a favourite among Arabas, so try to buy a couple of them as well.


  1. The Antique Museum

Just like the Al Karama, The Antique Museum also offers several unique souvenirs and it is also open to bargaining. Here, you would shelve upon shelves full of antiquated daggers that are straight from Yemen. There are also some very interesting looking lamps and luxury textiles.


  1. Edible Souvenirs

This might sound unusual but one of the most famous edible souvenirs in Dubai is camel chocolate. It is almost a sin to visit the city and never taste this chocolate because this chocolate is one of the finest ones you would ever taste. If you have bought these chocolates try not to leave them under the sun, or else they would melt in the heat rather than your mouth!


Another famous edible souvenir of the city is the Bateel date. These flavorful dates are packed in beautiful packaging, so you can also take them as presents for your friends. The great thing about these dates is that they are chocolate coated and have roasted nuts stuffed inside.


  1. National Iranian Carpets

It is known around the world that Middle Eaten carpets are the best in the world. Fortunately, Dubai has a great many carpet shops that sell beautiful Iranian or Persian carpets. However, since they require excellent craftsmanship, they are a bit on their pricier edge.


Since other than souvenirs of nearly all countries Dubai has everything best to offer, you should seriously consider living here and get Penthouses for sale in Dubai.